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Ball mill & roller machine (2in1) (11lb)

Ball mill & roller machine (2in1) (11lb)

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Aluminum and 3D printed plastic Ball Mill: Enhance Grinding Performance with High-Quality Results.

Are you searching for a reliable Ball Mill machine to enhance your grinding process? Explore our high-quality product! With a case made of shaped aluminum frame and 3D printed plastic, this Ball Mill machine is reliable and delivers excellent performance.

Convenient Power Source: The Ball Mill operates with a 220V power source, compatible with most existing electrical systems. This allows for easy integration into your current working environment.

Flexible Work Capability: The Ball Mill machine has a working diameter ranging from 120mm to 350mm and a maximum length of up to 240mm. This enables you to adjust the grinding process according to specific needs.

Compact Size: The Ball Mill machine has compact dimensions of (32cm/22cm/11cm) (Length/Width/Height), excluding the weight and support. With this small footprint, the machine is easily transportable and space-saving.

High Performance: This Ball Mill machine has an effective weight of 3 kg, ensuring optimal grinding performance. The recommended load includes 3 kg of balls and 1 kg of components, resulting in consistent and high-quality grinding outcomes.

Excellent Grinding Results: This Ball Mill machine can achieve a fineness of approximately 5-10 microns. The process of grinding 1 kg of material takes about 3 hours, saving you time and achieving the desired particle size.

1-Year Component Warranty: To provide you peace of mind, this Ball Mill machine comes with a 1-year warranty on components. We commit to the quality and reliability of the product, ensuring satisfaction and confidence in its usage.

Versatile Usage: Additionally, this Ball Mill machine can be utilized as a roller star machine, expanding its range of applications to meet your needs.

Enhance your grinding performance with our high-quality Aluminum and 3D printed plastic Ball Mill machine. Investing in a quality product ensures durability and excellent results. Contact us today for more details about our product and services.

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